Harriet Johnson drives Muntons truck

Muntons graduate management trainee, Harriet Johnson at the tender age of 22, took control of one of Muntons newly liveried trucks, bringing a 40-foot container to Muntons Headquarters at Stowmarket from the bustling Port of Felixstowe.
Every year Muntons move thousands of tonnes of their malt and malted ingredients in containers through the port of Felixstowe, destined for shipment to overseas customers around the globe.
They are currently running a photo competition with a prize for the best photograph of one of their new trucks, regularly seen plying the route between the port and their maltings. If you were lucky enough to catch sight of Harriet as she drove the Muntons liveried truck on the 14th December you are guaranteed a special prize. (Full details of the competition can be found on Muntons hand-crafted beer, wine & cider kits Facebook page.)
Harriet is undergoing a two-year graduate management training course at Muntons, having worked previously at the company whilst studying for her degree. Her passion for horses, along with a £500 bursary from The Royal Agricultural University, drove her to obtain her HGV class 1 licence, meaning she can now drive the family horse box. Taking the reins of the Muntons truck though was something special.

Harriet commented: “As a graduate management trainee it is important that I experience as many parts of the business as I can. However, even I was surprised when the chance came up to actually drive one of the new lorries.” She continued: “Modern trucks make the driving itself reasonably straightforward, it is only the sheer size of the vehicle which is somewhat daunting.”
Harriet and the truck arrived safely at the intended destination without mishap. DHL, Muntons lead logistics provider, arranged the exercise along with the truck operator, Coastal Global logistics. The vehicle is an impressive 44-tonne Mercedes Actros, one of several in their fleet.

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