Hangar 24’s 10th anniversary AirFest To Welcome 3 New Beers To Lineup

The Hangar 24 AirFest & 10th Anniversary Celebration on May 19-20 at the Redlands Municipal Airport will not just be about aviation expertise and military might, it will also be a chance for exploration and adventure as three brand new beers will make their debut, including the introduction of the Formation IPA Series.

The annual anniversary beer is traditionally introduced at AirFest and on Saturday, May 19, the 10th Anniversary Sorbet Gose will join the list of previous anniversary releases. Last year’s anniversary beer was the 9th Anniversary Hazy IPA that made its well-received debut. The 10th Anniversary Sorbet Gose has blood orange, raspberry and lactose added for tart-yet-sweet Popsicle-like goodness. 10th Anniversary Sorebet Gose is coming to retail locations soon in cans.

The Barrel Roll Series has been a major part of Hangar 24’s decade-long adventure that has brought together people and inspired stories. That journey will continue with the release of the Barrel Roll 10th Anniversary stout. This must-try beer is a blend of 2017 Pugachev’s Cobra, Pugachev Black Maple and bourbon Laval Double Cream Stout with additions of vanilla, maple and cinnamon, and a slight hint of almonds, pecans, hazelnuts and pistachios. This10th Anniversary stout will be available for Barrel Roll Club members in their third quarter allotment.

The third beer making its debut at AirFest is L-39 IPA, named after the highly maneuverable military jet trainer that is flown by the Patriots Jet Team, a favorite from past AirFests. This hazy, or New England-style IPA, is double-dry hopped with Mosaic for a juicy, fruity and floral experience that makes it worthy of being the initial offering in the new Formation IPA Series. Look for L-39 IPA in 16-ounce cans available soon. A new beer is expected to be released in the Formation IPA Series every two months.

These three beers will be among the more than two dozen from Hangar 24 that will be poured throughout AirFest weekend, May 19-20 at the Redlands Municipal Airport. They will join Aventura Mexican Lager, which was released on May 4 to rave reviews. Aventura Mexican Lager has a touch of sea salt from the Sea of Cortez, along with Southern California whole limes, and is the perfect complement to a day of exploration.

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