Half Acre’s “Double Daisy Cutter” Back for Next Quarterly Release

Half Acre Brewing’s “Double Daisy Cutter” Pale Ale swings in for its quarterly moment in the light. This is the only beer that the brewery brews on this schedule.

All the other beers have annual, seasonal, single or random jaunts through the brewhouse.

“This quarterly tick serves as a metronome in our brewery,” said a spokesman.
Double Daisy is the imperialized sibling of Half Acre’s perennial pale ale that’s erected from 8,728 pounds of malted barley, milled and reborn as hot sugar water, dosed with 185 pounds of hops in the kettle, moved to cellar, topped with 296 pounds of hops in the fermentor and inundated with carbon dioxide.

Dank and layered with tropics and pine, Double Daisy rips.


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