Half Acre to Open Limited Distribution to Wisconsin

In a few weeks, a truck of Half Acre Beer will cross the border into Wisconsin, beginning a new era of consistent but limited distribution for the Chicago-based brewery.

Half Acre will distribute to 32 counties to its neighbor from the north.

“We’ve had a handful of opportunities to hoist our beer in our neighbor state and it’s always felt like a good place for it,” the brewery said in a newsletter release. “We’re stoked to offer our lineup to additional ease seekers. We’re going to do some events, we’ll announce when they’re set.”

Half Acre Beer Co. has two breweries on the north side of Chicago. Its website says that the brewery brews classic American styles, weighted barrel offerings, and “wyld” beers that traverse the landscape of mixed fermentation.


“Our aim is to brew technically raw beer for the collective odyssey,” the website claims.

Built in 2008, the Lincoln brewery is the original. It houses our retail shop, a tap room with a full kitchen and brewhouse. The Balmoral brewery was built in 2015, granting the brewery the opportunity to further its abilities. The second site is not yet open to the public and is purely a production house.

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