GrowlerWerks’ uKeg Keeps Beer Fresh, Cold, Carbonated

GrowlerWerks uKegGrowlerWerks has raised $600,000 in its crowdfunding campaign in the United States, and the uKeg is starting a world tour. The language of beer-love has no boundaries, after all. Heading north and sailing the ocean blue will enable even more craft beer lovers to keep their beverage of choice fresh, cold and carbonated in their fridge, while camping or attending a friend’s dinner party.

Craft beer is too good to pour down a drain and isn’t always available in bottles. But drain-pour often happens when beer goes flat in a glass growler. To rectify the situation and keep good microbrew from going bad, four craft beer-loving engineers in Portland got together and designed the uKeg, a pressurized growler that keeps oxygen away from beer and maintains perfect carbonation from the first to last pour. The uKeg keeps beer fresh for weeks — and, therefore, people happy. No wonder Oregonian newspaper writer and beer guru John Foystoncalled it a “brave, new growler.”

A combined 47 years of engineering and product-design experience created this better way to store beer, allowing craft beer drinkers to consume growlers full of beer on their own timelines.  An easy-to-use regulator cap, equipped with a low-cost, food-grade CO2 cartridge, partners with a vacuum-insulated, stainless steel vessel to make the uKeg’s unique benefits possible.

The uKeg has resonated with more than 4,300 backers on Kickstarter, where it became a staff pick, met its funding goal within three days and attracted a lot of good press. (Visit Kickstarter at International shipping available.)

Beer bloggers are rightly including it in holiday gift guides. Emily McIntyre wrote an article for Portland Eater, headlining that “PDX ingenuity means no more flat beer.” And CBS Chicago’s John Dodge wrote, “GrowlerWerks’ mission is to make a growler that makes the option of buying draft craft beer more attractive.” True.

The uKeg’s Kickstarter success means it’s now being offered in two sizes: a standard 64-ounce growler and a 128-ounce one, for $99 and $129, respectively. People interested in everything from keeping craft beer fresh to force-carbonating homebrew and making homemade cocktails are pre-ordering a uKeg, ready to Prost the end of one of life’s greatest disappointments: flat beer.


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