Grist Analytics, ASBC Partner to Advance Brewing Science and Quality

Grist Analytics and the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) are pleased to announce a new partnership in a mission to advance the science and quality of brewing around the world. As the premier nonprofit, professional association dedicated to scientific excellence in brewing, ASBC will work closely with Grist Analytics, the leading provider of analytics solutions for the brewing industry, to explore the use of data and analytics in improving the beer quality and consistency across breweries of all sizes. Additionally, as part of this partnership, Grist will donate a portion of the proceeds from Grist subscriptions fees to the ASBC Research Council Fund. This research fund provides vital grants toward scientific projects that advance brewing science through developments, such as new scientific methods, publications, and research presentations. The results of this research benefits not only ASBC members but also the brewing and allied industries as a whole.

The brewing industry is constantly evolving, and the need for science-based approaches and solutions to industry-wide issues has never been greater. “This partnership is about providing resources and support to brewers looking to leverage data and analytics in their operations,” said Kim Bacigalupo, president of ASBC. “Both ASBC and Grist are committed to driving innovation and excellence in the brewing industry and are excited to work together to achieve these goals. That’s what makes this partnership so perfect.” Brynn Keenan, CEO of Grist Analytics and long-time ASBC member, stated “Brewing is a complex and multifaceted process, and we at Grist believe that data and analytics can play a crucial role in helping brewers to optimize their operations and make good beer better. Supporting research, like the projects coming out of the ASBC Research Council, is part of our core mission, and we’re excited to help drive the industry forward.”

With the partnership well under way, current and prospective members of ASBC are encouraged to discover the value that Grist Analytics can bring to their organizations at More information about the partnership and what it means for ASBC can be found here:

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