Great South Bay Releases Long Island’s First Local Hard Seltzer to Wholesale Market

Joining the rapidly growing trend of low calorie, hard seltzer, Great South Bay Brewery (GSB) has come out with a line of ‘Spiked’ hard seltzer made for locals, by locals. Being the first local brewery on Long Island to release a widely distributed, wholesale hard seltzer mixed pack, health-conscious consumers no longer have to grapple with supporting local businesses or drinking a high-quality hard seltzer.

The 100 calorie, 5% ABV hard seltzer comes in a mixed pack of 12 oz cans featuring three cans each of Sour Cherry, Watermelon, Pineapple, and Sparking Lemonade flavors. Each flavor has been meticulously selected for Long Islanders, by Long Islanders after months of researching and testing. The end result was a crystal-clear, superior product that is both flavorful, yet not overpowering.

“We decided to create a seltzer for our local market, which is why we chose the flavors we released,” Ryan Randazzo, special projects manager at GSB said. “Long Island is a nautical environment, and people love to hang out by the water and drink a light, flavorful beverage. We started with over 50 flavors and narrowed it down to our final four after letting our customers vote on what they liked the best.”

While ‘Spiked’ is a great beverage that doesn’t make you feel bloated on a hot summer day, it’s become increasingly popular year-round with health-conscious consumers who stick to disciplined diets, but still enjoy drinking.

“It’s hard to compete with the big brands on pricing for something like this,” Zach Popp, sales representative at GSB said. “Usually local brands mixed packs cost a bit more because they don’t have the resources big companies have, but we were able to price line our mixed packs so we can sell them at the same price, or even cheaper, than a few of the biggest players out there. We’re hoping this will move the seltzer trend more towards locality and get people to support smaller businesses a bit more.”

In keeping with the “Support Local” theme Great South Bay’s ‘Spiked’ mixed packs will only be available at beverage centers around Long Island, with the brewery’s tasting room rotating flavors on tap. In GSB’s Tasting Room, even the most stubborn regular beer drinkers have admitted they are impressed with the final product and have been mixing it into their go-to drink choices.

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