Galena Brewing Company Offers Three Beers in Rexam Cans

galena brewing company

Just in time for the prime summer months, Galena Brewing Company has expanded its packaging lineup to include three beers in Rexam 16 oz. cans.

Anna Belle’s IPA is a ruby beer with a burst of hop flavors and aromas paired with a solid malt backbone and a clean and pleasant bitterness that lingers on the palate. Farmer’s Blonde Ale is a light ale with a crisp and refreshing flavor and a brilliant white head. Fevre River Ale Hefeweizen is a classic Bavarian style wheat beer with a medium to heavy mouth feel and refreshing taste that comes from banana and clove overtones.

“Beer is born in metal tanks so it just made sense for us to use a package made of the same material, one that inherently protects it from its main enemies – light and oxygen,” said Warren Bell, owner, Galena Brewing Company. “Working with Rexam, we are now able to offer consumers three of our most popular brews in an ideal container.”

Galena, Ill., was one of the first mineral rush cities in the United States. It grew rapidly as the regional capital of lead mining and was a prominent brewing town with nine breweries in the 1800’s. Shortly after the prohibition years, Galena was left without a producing brewery or local beer label. Warren and Kathy Bell strove to change this and in 2010 opened their own brewery and pub on Main Street, ending Galena’s 80 year brewing drought.

After being retailed exclusively in glass bottles, Galena Brewing Co. chose to add cans because of the many inherent benefits they deliver. Aluminum cans are durable and portable, often permitted at parks, lakes and other outdoor locations where glass is not. They block out all light and oxygen helping to preserve the beer’s integrity longer. Cans are light-weight, which can reduce shipping costs. They are also the most sustainable beverage package in the world recycled at double the rate of any other package option.

Jo Stephens, vice president of sales and marketing, Rexam BCNA, commented on the brewery’s expansion into cans. “Galena Brewing Co. is one of the growing number of breweries recognizing that aluminum cans are the perfect packaging choice,” she said. “Cans will help these beers really stand out on store shelves and retain the freshness and flavor that Galena works so hard to include in their brews. Aluminum cans are also environmentally friendly with infinite recyclability. It all adds up to outstanding value that will help this customer continue to build its brand and grow its brewing business.”

Galena Brewing Co.’s beers in Rexam cans are available at select retailers in Illinois and Iowa.

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