Fulton 300 IPA 12 Packs Have Arrived

What began many years ago as a quick-witted solve to a brew day that included some no-show wet hops, 300 entered the world in a whirl of single hop mastery by our (then) very small brew team. Our first iteration, named “Batch 300” after the number of that brew on our downtown brewhouse, was an instant hit. But with Mosaic Hops in super short supply, and no bottling line (at the time) of our own, Batch 300 soon lived only in memory and on Untappd reviews.

Fast forward to January 2015.

With the opening of our NE MPLS production facility the year prior, and more generous hop quantities secured, we proudly brewed and bottled (now named) 300 for the second time at the top of the year. Again, 300 came and went with the devoted fandom of a true legend (and at warp speed). It took us but a few weeks after release to begin fervently seeking more Mosaic vowing to ourselves to “make it year-round”.

Soon thereafter we did, finally, secure the quantity of Mosaic we’d need to bring 300 into our flagship beer lineup. And not long after that we expanded availability into 4pks of tallboy cans. Everything was right in the world and everyone was happy.

Well, kind of.

6 packs of bottles are great. And 4 packs of tallboy cans are great, too. But we kept hearing from you that 12 packs of our award winning IPA were needed. Well, we heard you loud and clear…Today we’re pleased to announce that 300 IPA is now available in 12 packs of 12 oz cans. Snag a dozen at your fave local retailer and bring an exalted status to your fridge with this MN hop royalty.

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