Fresh-Picked From The Bruery – Frucht: Boysenberry Hits Distribution

The Bruery is berry excited to announce the arrival of the next delicious addition to the Frucht series, this time featuring the unofficial official berry of Orange County: boysenberries. This foeder-aged American wild ale with boysenberries is the latest and greatest to come out of The Bruery Terreux – The Bruery’s wild and sour brewing facility that produces fan-favorites such as Goses Are Red (a gose style ale with Syrah grapes) and the small-batch Bruesicles line of barrel-aged smoothie-style tart ales. 
The latest fruit treatment in The Bruery’s Frucht series bursts forward with clusters of juicy boysenberries. This 5% ABV American Wild ale earns its notes of funkiness and natural wood character from resting in oak foeders. A balance of berry tartness and subtle floral-like sweetness round out this prost-worthy beer.
Why boysenberries? The hybrid berry is a cross between a raspberry, loganberry, blackberry, and dewberry and has its roots deep in the Orange County area. Berry expert William Knott (of Knott’s Berry Farm fame) was one of the first farmers to cultivate the berries in the area, and they have been a local favorite since the late 1920s.
Director of Production, Jeremy Grinkey, says “Frucht: Boysenberry is our 3rd Frucht release of 2021 and we are still loving the dialed back acidity. We loved the Passion fruit and Cucumber versions and decided to follow up with boysenberry to close out the year. Boysenberries are near and dear to our hearts as they have been uniquely popularized by Orange County and we love how they work in our unique Orange County sour beers.”
“Not only are boysenberries a taste of SoCal,” says Brand Director Caitie Gold, “but this beer is begging to be paired with a charcuterie board. The jammy nature of the berries, paired with the bright acidity, will perfectly cut the salt from cured meats and cheese. No need to add fruit to your board – just pair with a 4-pack of Frucht: Boysenberry!”
Haven’t heard of the Frucht series before? Pronounced ‘frucked’, these beers are inspired by the heritage of Northern German brewers and the slightly tart beer typically with fruit added in the glass (but we took care of that step for you!) Known for a tart flavor profile and traditionally low ABV, this German-style wheat beer gains even more funky notes and natural earthy-woodiness from its fermentation in our 250 bbl oak foeder vessels. 
Fans can now find this latest Frucht series in 16 oz. cans at their local bottle shop, grocery store, and restaurant. The Bruery also offers delivery across California, Nevada, Virginia, New Hampshire, Vermont, North Dakota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, with complimentary delivery on first-time orders over $75. Fans can start getting their world-class, innovative beers right now by heading to

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