Flat12 Bierwerks Switches to All Cans After Upgrade

Flat12 Bierwerks announced a state-of-the-art expansion of the downtown Indianapolis brewery with the addition of a beer canning line and steam tunnel shrink sleeve application machine.

The brewery recently purchased the canning line from Wild Goose Canning, based in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to the canning line, Flat12 is one of the first breweries in Indiana to purchase and run a Tri-Pack shrink sleeve application machine utilizing a steam tunnel system in tandem with the canning line. In addition to core beers, the new can sleeving machine will enable Flat12 to nimbly can small batch and specialty beers.

The craft beer consumer has a growing awareness that cans are better for beer because they prevent exposure to light and form an airtight seal preventing oxidation, both of which can negatively affect quality and taste. With the addition of the complete high-tech can production system, Flat12 will be making the switch from 12 oz bottles and 16 oz cans, to all 12 oz cans this spring.

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“We’ve worked really hard at pulling all the logistics for the new equipment together, and we’re looking forward to seeing it up and running,” said Head Brewer, Sean Lewis. “We’re going this direction to increase the quality of our product and to provide our customers an even better experience with the core and specialty beers we create.”

Flat12 President and Founder Sean O’Connor added: “We’re excited to make the move to a 12 oz can format because we want our consumers to enjoy the mobility of a package they can take hiking, biking, to the racetrack or the lake, but on hot summer days, the beer isn’t always cold at the end of a 16 oz can. We wanted our beers to stay cool until the last drop. Additionally, 12 oz cans keep the beer fresher than bottles, are eco-friendly, and many consumers agree it just tastes better.”

The brewery will immediately begin canning all of their year-round flagship beers including Half Cycle IPA, Walkabout Pale Ale, Upside Down Blonde, and Pogue’s Run Porter. The first specialty brew to hit the Flat12 canning line will be the popular spring/summer offering, Hinchtown Hammerdown Pilsner, brewed in collaboration with Indy Car driver, James Hinchcliffe. Consumers can expect a variety of other limited release canned beers going forward.

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