Firestone Walker Unveils Parabola for 2022 with “Paraboloid” Spinoff

Firestone Walker’s iconic Parabola barrel-aged stout is back with a few new twists for 2022, including a new limited “Paraboloid” spinoff.   

Parabola: Vintage 2022  

The story begins with the latest vintage of Parabola, which was aged for a year in 12-year-old Heaven Hill bourbon barrels for the first time ever.   

“Historically, we’ve aged Parabola in six to eight-year-old bourbon barrels, but this time we seized the opportunity to age it in older barrels,” said Barrel Program Manager Eric Ponce. “It adds a new dimension to what people have come to know and love about Parabola.”  

According to Ponce, the older-stock barrels accentuated Parabola’s signature flavors of black cherry, dark chocolate, and vanilla with vintage-specific notes of stone fruit, fudge, and tobacco. “You get extra layers of complexity that make the drinking experience all the more edifying,” Ponce said.   

Parabola 2022 is rolling out to all Firestone Walker markets in individually boxed 12-ounce bottles and is available at all Firestone Walker locations and online at   

Introducing Paraboloid  

This year, Parabola is joined by Paraboloid, a limited small-batch spinoff aged in an equal selection of rare older-stock barrels from premium spirits producers—specifically 14-year-old Old Fitzgerald bourbon barrels and 18-year-old Sazerac rye whiskey barrels.

These barrels complemented Parabola’s classic flavor profile by imparting hints of stone fruits, fudge, leather, and peppery spice. Additionally, the beer was aged for a full two years prior to blending and bottling.  

“The extra year of aging allowed all of the flavors to meld and create an incredibly smooth, mellow and prodigiously flavorful beer,” Ponce said.   

Paraboloid is available at all Firestone Walker locations and online at

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