Fick Taps into Victory’s HopDevil IPA

drake's come and play

drake's come playAt the local level, Drake’s restaurant stays tapped into the Craft Brewing industry and leans on its buyers and managers to continually rotate taps with new Craft Beers.

In March, Colton Fick, a Drake’s manager and craft beer buyer, has selected Victory Brewing for one of its rotating taps.

“Around our store we have a lot of IPA fans,” Fick explained. “Between the other managers we sit down and decide what some great IPAs are for us to put on tap. I think we carry some of the best IPAs in town.”

Fick and his team have specifically selected Victory’s HopDevil IPA, not only to stay in line with the desires of Drake’s customers, but to also bring another top-of-the-line IPA into its stores.

“It’s something I’m excited to try,” said Fick. “IPA is one of my favorite. It’s a great beer, also considered a hoppy red ale. We like to position ourselves with big name brands that come into our market, we like to be the first to get it. We like to have that competitive edge to offer our guests something they haven’t had before. We’ve grown these relationships with distributors and the breweries themselves so we can offer our guests something no one else can. Victory is supposed to be huge, so we want to get behind them as best we can.”

Over the past several years Fick and Drake’s have done everything in their power to become a Craft Beer destination to the Midwest. Fick, and the other manager’s research, allows them to stay on the cutting edge of the growing Craft Beer trend and truly cement themselves as an American beer destination.

Victory’s HopDevil IPA has an ABV of 6.7 percent. The brewery used imported two row German malts and whole flower American hops. HopDevil IPA is ideally paired with cheddar cheese as well as grilled meats. At Drake’s it would be perfectly paired with some Mini Cheeseburgers, fresh sushi or any of the signature crafted burgers.


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