Eel River Brewing Company Releases Two Cellarable Beers

Eel River Brewing Company has begun distribution of a new line of screen printed bottles beginning with two high quality, cellarable beers from their Vertical Cellar Series, the 2012 Triple Exultation and the 2012 Raven’s Eye Stout.  These bottles have been designed with the beer cellaring enthusiast in mind as they feature a stunning multi-colored label screen printed onto brown glass with the release year prominently displayed in Roman numerical format on the neck of the bottle.

The idea behind featuring cellar beer in screen printed bottles comes from the notion that the packaging of the beer should reflect the quality of what it holds inside.  There is a reason Eel River Brewing Company’s Triple Exultation has won six Great American Beer Festival medals.  This old ale, while malt dominant in aroma and flavor, has been balanced with a massive amount hops resulting in a sweet, earthy, dynamic nose.  Triple Exultation, affectionately referred to as “Triple X”, goes down easy and is smooth considering its 9.7% alcohol content.  With a rich amber hue and a palatable full-bodied texture, this slightly roasty ale showcases a caramel character with flavors reminiscent of toffee and ripe fruit.  You’ll want to drink one now, but save some for later.  Like a beer enthusiast’s dream, Triple Exultation’s complexity changes over time, releasing the warmth of the alcohol with plum and currant notes as it ages.

Second in Eel River Brewing Company’s Vertical Series is the Raven’s Eye Imperial Stout.  Dark like its Corvidae namesake, the Raven’s Eye pours out smooth as silk and tops off with a tan, creamy head.  Full bodied and full strength, this 9.5% stout is fit for a king.  The malt dominant aroma is present in the nose with hints of chocolate, molasses, and plums.  This malt dominance carries over to the palate as the espresso and dark chocolate flavors make their way to the taste buds.

This debut is just the beginning for Eel River Brewing Company’s cellar beers vertical series.  Collectors and members of the craft brew community are encouraged to purchase this year’s s Triple Exultation and Raven’s Eye Imperial Stout screen printed 22 ounce bottles and continue collecting future releases each year.  Both beers will make for a vertical tasting experience like none other.



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