Ecliptic Safely Re-opens Indoor Dining and Covers Patio with Heated Tent

Ecliptic Brewing has re-opened their North Portland indoor dining space. The brewery, which remodeled their restaurant at the end of February, moved their dining operations into their expansive parking lot once the pandemic hit. This allowed for a safe and spacious experience for customers during the summer months. As cooler weather arrives, the company evaluated all options and opted to move some of their business back indoors. Sanitation and safety are among the top priorities for Ecliptic Brewing, and the following measures are in place to ensure these:

  • Three new air purifiers have been installed in the HVAC filtration system which vastly improve air quality by turning over air every 10 minutes. These have been proven to be even more efficient than UV light filters against all particles and odors, including COVID-19.
  • Masks are required whenever not seated at a table.
  • One person per party at a time is allowed to check in. When table is ready, host will provide all necessary guidelines to entire party.
  • QR codes will be available for ordering via phone from the table.
  • Food and beverages will be delivered to the table. Guests are encouraged to put on their face coverings as staff approach.
  • For takeout orders, guests can park in the designated spots in the parking lot, and staff will run food out to cars.

Ecliptic has also covered their patio space with a heated tent. It has two 14-foot sliding walls, which help with airflow.

Says Ecliptic’s Restaurant General Manager, Aaron Medina, “We’re excited to bring back some normalcy to our dining experience. We’re finally able to show off our remodel, and we’ve brought back our plates, cocktails and beer flights. Times have changed, but we’re making the best of this situation in trying to provide an awesome guest experience while remaining as safe as possible.” Ecliptic has returned to their regular six-week menu rotations and will soon be bringing back fan favorites like weekday Happy Hour and Monday All Day Happy Hour. Additionally, guests can make reservations by calling ahead, and parties of up to eight may be accommodated if space allows.

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