Ecliptic Debuts Moon Room Series with Vienna Lager

Ecliptic Brewing is excited to announce the launch of their new Moon Room Series. The series will feature a collection of lager beer in celebration of the brewery opening its second location – The Moon Room – which is well setup for lagering.

The Moon Room Series was an idea born from Ecliptic’s Owner and Brewmaster, John Harris. It showcases a brand-new label design from creative agency Sasquatch, and it’s a dark and moody vibe that matches the physical Moon Room location in Southeast Portland. Says Harris, “I am really proud to have opened our second location, and I wanted to celebrate this through lager beer. This series will feature a bunch of great traditional German styles that we haven’t necessarily packaged before, like an Oktoberfest and Schwarzbier.”

The first beer releasing in the series is a Vienna Lager, shipping February 9th in 16-ounce can four-packs and draft. Brewed with Pilsner and Vienna malts, along with Hallertau Tradition and Mittelfruh hops, this traditional German beer is slightly malt forward with notes of oven fresh bread. Continues Harris, “We brewed a Vienna Lager last year with our friends at Chuckanut Brewery, and it was well received. This recipe, while different, will hopefully be another big hit as our first launch in the Moon Room Series.”

Moon Room Series: Vienna Lager will be released in both draft and 16-ounce cans throughout Ecliptic Brewing’s distribution network beginning February 9th.Visit Ecliptic’s website for up-to-date details on potential release events.

About Moon Room Series: Vienna Lager

Lagered for 6 weeks, this traditional Vienna-style Lager has notes of oven fresh bread and caramel candy. It is balanced by just enough noble hops.

ABV: 5.6%

About the Moon Room Series

The 2022 Ecliptic Brewing Moon Room Series is our ode to all things lager beer.

Founded by our Owner and Brewmaster, John Harris, in celebration of opening Ecliptic’s second location in Southeast Portland, in November 2021. The Ecliptic Brewing Moon Room is located at 930 SE Oak St. For more information on the location, visit the website here:

Moon Room Series Release Schedule:

  • February: Vienna Lager
  • March: Märzen
  • April: Rice Lager & Rice Lager Jasmine Edition
  • May: Maibock
  • July: Helles
  • September: Oktoberfest
  • November: Schwarzbier

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