Dust Bowl Enters Hard Seltzer Market with Thirty Three Brand

Dust Bowl Brewing Co. announces the launch of Thirty Three Hard Seltzer, a new brand and new product category for the Northern California company. Rolling out in Cherry Lemon Lime flavor, the new product line distinguishes itself with an 8% ABV, a higher alcohol level than most hard seltzers. Thirty Three Hard Seltzer comes in 19.2oz single-serve cans and draft, and is targeted for sales in local retail chains, C-Stores and on-premise accounts.

“We produce a broad spectrum of beers and tend to be known for our higher strength offerings,” comments Don Oliver, Brewmaster. “We chose to play to our strengths and set our seltzer apart from the mainstream with a higher ABV and focus on the single-serve and draft packages. The Cherry Lemon Lime recipe was popular with our brewing team and very well received in our taprooms.”

The “Thirty Three” branding refers to 1933, the year prohibition ended. The eye-catching but simple label features the tagline, “Celebrating Repeal Day Every Day” as an added layer of brand messaging for the seltzer. The Cherry Lemon Lime flavor comes from a hand-crafted blend of cherry and Meyer lemon juice concentrates coupled with natural flavors. The result is a light, refreshing hard seltzer with just a hint of pink color in the beverage.

“The new brand and higher alcohol help position our seltzer among a very competitive space,” shares Brett Tate, Founder/Owner of Dust Bowl Brewing Co. “We were looking for a name that related to our brand roots yet had commercial flare. As a craft brewery, we had the expertise to not sacrifice flavor with the additional alcohol presence. We’re excited to bring another mutual opportunity for growth to our wholesalers.”

Thirty Three Hard Seltzer is sold through Dust Bowl’s existing wholesaler network as part of the year-round portfolio. Dust Bowl products are distributed throughout California, its home state, as well as Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Arizona.

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