Dust Bowl Announces Fruit Tramp Kettle Sour Ale as Specialty Release

Dust Bowl Brewing Co. announced the release of Fruit Tramp Kettle Sour Ale with boysenberries and raspberries (4.5% alc/vol). The fast-growing Northern California brewery unveiled Fruit Tramp, its first canned product, at a recent anniversary party celebrating the one year milestone of its new brewery and taproom opened last July. Fruit Tramp is the fifth new packaged product produced by Dust Bowl Brewing Co. since opening the new facility. Sold in 16 oz. cans, Fruit Tramp signals the brewery’s solid commitment to portfolio development.

“We’re excited to release our first kettle sour in cans. Back in January, we produced this same kettle sour ale to test- market in our own taprooms. It had an incredibly positive reaction from our locals, so we decided to package it in cans and launch it under the name Fruit Tramp, which tells such a great story of its own,” shares Brett Tate, founder/owner Dust Bowl Brewing Co. “There’s a growing nationwide trend toward kettle sours. Our new brewery capacity offers us the tank space to try new styles and bring products to market more efficiently.”

“Fruit Tramp starts with a blonde ale base, which allows the sweet/tart character of the beer and fruit to shine,” explains Don Oliver, brewmaster. “Consumers can expect a pronounced raspberry and boysenberry flavor with a tart finish and moderate carbonation.”

The can label features a Dust Bowl era fruit tramp amongst berry vines set on a farm in the 1930s. During the depression, fruit tramps would migrate working their way from Southern California citrus groves to other crops found in the Central Valley, Oregon and Washington. “I’ve been saving the Fruit Tramp name for the right style and packaging. The fruit infusion in the kettle sour made it a perfect fit,” says Tate. “We’ve dabbled with the name on other products for the last few years, but nothing was ever formally launched until now.”

Oliver reflects on the opening of the new brewery, “It was a challenge to first build the facility, and secondly learn the full functionality of the new equipment with a much higher level of technology and automation than we were accustomed to working with in the past. We have been able to maintain a consistent flavor profile in our existing beers with the new equipment, as well as release Change Order IPA and California Line Vanilla Blonde Ale while witnessing great success with the Taco Truck brands.”

While the new brewery is on pace to produce 12,000-15,000 bbls. this year, the adjoining taproom is helping to build brand awareness. In the midst of accommodating over 250,000 guests in the first year, the Brewery Taproom has reached some impressive numbers of its own.

“We’ve served over 250,000 beers, poured nearly 30,000 samplers, sold 47,000 burgers and 4,000 t-shirts,” comments Brett Honore, owner. “One of the main goals of the Brewery Taproom is to engage customers in our brand. The volume of taproom customers has helped build awareness and drive Dust Bowl beer sales in our local market and beyond. We’re fast becoming a beer destination. We’re grateful for the response and proud to provide over 150 local jobs.”

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