DuClaw Keeps it ‘Low Key’ with Three New Core Brews

To expand its Core lineup, DuClaw Brewing Company just unveiled its spin on three classic styles, including ‘Low Key,’ a wheat ale that marks the first low-calorie beer release in the brewery’s 25-year history.  

The crisp, light-bodied brew is only 95 calories with a low 3.6% ABV. Each sip is approachable, featuring soft and sweet notes of pineapple coupled with subtle tropical flavors. 

“Looking back at our Core lineup, we saw an opportunity to diversify, and add flair without sacrificing flavor,” said DuClaw CEO and Founder, Dave Benfield. 

“Across the board, we tested several pilot batches to achieve the perfect balance of clean and crushable styles. A great example of this is our ‘Relaxed Fit’ Session IPA, where we conquered the challenge of nailing a punchy hop flavor despite a low ABV.”

For longtime fans of DuClaw, ‘Misfit Red’ is a friendly face, as it’s been in production for more than two decades. According to Benfield, the industry is seeing a resurgence in Amber styles, and this elevation of ‘Misfit Red’ is an interesting take because it’s a blend between an Amber ale and an Irish red ale. 

The following beers are now available on draft and in 12oz cans at select locations.

‘Low Key’ Wheat Ale (3.6% ABV): Look on the light side with this one-of-a-kind brew. Bursting with pineapple juice yet low on calories, this sip was made for sweet moments of chill. Enjoy the easy tropical breeze of mango and passion fruit, coupled with crisp notes of citrus and pine. After all, sometimes less IS more. 

‘Relaxed Fit’ Session IPA (4.8% ABV):  Time to sit back, relax and relish in this pivotal moment. Because this is where pine meets pineapple. Where lemon meets lime. This is where a good pour finds your great times. Forget class. Smooth is back in session. 

‘MisFit Red’ American Ale (5% ABV): This is not a rebel, a lone wolf, or a misfit. This brew is an individualist, a creative, a visionary. Quietly thriving in production for more than two decades, DuClaw is now elevating the American-style smooth and malty red ale into the spotlight.  

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