DuClaw Adds Vanilla White Stout ‘Sweet Baby Swirl!’

To elevate a fan-favorite recipe, DuClaw Brewing Company added ‘Sweet Baby Swirl!’ to its lineup of ‘Sweet Baby Jesus!’ variations. This brew offers a few distinct characteristics, as this is the only white stout in the series, and the first to feature a golden appearance.

The introduction of vanilla is warm and enticing, proving to pair well with the classic flavors of silky chocolate and smooth peanut butter. 

“As we continue to transform the original ‘Sweet Baby Jesus!’ recipe, we know that subtle and smart tweaks can make all the difference,” said Dave Benfield, CEO and Founder of DuClaw Brewing Company. “If you crave a slightly creamier sip, this is the recipe to try.”

This addition follows the release of ‘Sweet Baby Chai!’ which was the first of four ‘Sweet Baby Jesus!’ variations to be released this year.

‘Sweet Baby Swirl!’ is a light to medium-bodied 6.2% ABV white stout and is now available in 12oz cans, and available on draft or nitro kegs at select locations.

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