Drake’s Releases Sizzle Fizz Double Brut IPA

Last summer, Drake’s Brewing Co. released Brightside Extra Brut IPA, its inaugural bottling of the new Brut IPA style of beer. Drake’s has played a pioneering role in the development of the Brut IPA style since it emerged at the beginning of 2018 in San Francisco. The pale, dry, highly-carbonated, Champagne-esque beer has quickly become an innovative platform for experimentation and hop appreciation.


The brewing team at Drake’s has continued to experiment with Brut IPAs over the past year and is excited to announce the release of Sizzle Fizz Double Brut IPA made with blood orange concentrate. The champagne quality of the beer lends itself well to the addition of orange flavors, mimicking the citrus fizz of a mimosa.


Sizzle Fizz Double Brut IPA is bright and crisp, with a medley of citric flavors ranging from grapefruit zest to straight-up orange juice. In keeping with the intrinsic characteristics of an IPA, the hops assert themselves in the aroma, but there is substantial hop bitterness in the back – a bitterness that is enhanced by the citrus pith from the blood orange concentrate. The overall effect is an impression of sweetness upfront and a crisp mouthfeel that comes from the combination of low residual sugars (amylase enzymes in Brut IPAs render the malt sugars totally fermentable), mixed with a higher carbonation and a bitter finish.


Sizzle Fizz Double Brut IPA was packaged in kegs and 22-oz bottles and shipped to distributor partners throughout California. Twenty two ounce bottles are available at Drake’s Barrel House in San Leandro, Drake’s Dealership in Oakland and Drakes: The BARN in West Sacramento. Follow @DrakesBeer on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates.

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