Drake’s Gets Involved in the Collaboration Game

A long lasting cornerstone of craft beer is the effective collaboration between multiple brewers. However, consumers have also begun to see unique collaborations between restaurants and local breweries — which has certainly become the case for Drake’s St. Matthews, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Kyle Loudermilk, the managing partner of Drake’s St. Matthews, was excited about Goodwood Brewing in Louisville, Kentucky and Woodford Reserve coming together for a unique Bourbon Barrel Ale.

It’s partnerships like this that help set Drake’s apart from the heavy competition that is craft beer sales. Additionally, Drake’s has found a home in delivering unique craft beers that you wouldn’t find elsewhere, which vary based on the time of the month and current season.

As Loudermilk said, this is the day of the Stout — but that all shifts when Kentucky receives a strange warm spell in December, which is why they surprise the tap list with Samuel Adams’ Rebel Grapefruit IPA. While the grapefruit style might seem out of season, it was a heavy favorite this past summer, which Loudermilk said will rear up again, just like the warm front.

“Obviously with it getting colder people are looking more towards the Stouts and Porters,” said Loudermilk. “This month we’re featuring the Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout, which is nice because I like Bell’s … so we like to help them out anyway we can.

“My bar manager, Bob Cameron, he’s done a terrific job the past couple of months really researching beer,” continued Loudermilk. “We really like to promote our local stuff because people back us.”

In addition to the specialty Goodwood Barrel beer on tap, Drake’s also has offerings from Against the Grain and other breweries throughout Kentucky. “It’s been a pretty good month,” said Loudermilk. “Especially with the different types of beers we have coming in.”

Specifically in Kentucky, December can be a strange month, which is why Drake’s feels the need to not necessarily dive all-in with just Stouts and Porters just yet. However, as Loudermilk said, beards are definitely in full season, and when the cold weather looms, people want something to give them a warming sensation. People go where they know they have the best selection, and Drake’s has that ability and knowledge to give beer drinkers the wide-range of taste they truly desire.

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