Dogfish Head & Woolrich Spruce Up Fall With Pennsylvania Tuxedo

It’s Sep-TIMBER! Long time collaboration pals, Dogfish Head and Woolrich, went deep into the woods to bring back Pennsylvania Tuxedo; a pale ale brewed with Pennsylvania spruce tips, and are also releasing a new limited-edition camo hat. Shipping late September, Pennsylvania Tuxedo (8.5% ABV) has a grassy, citrus kick with resinous conifer notes, balanced by a dry, yet doughy malt backbone. Every year since the first beer launched in 2014, friends, family and employees of the Woolrich company come together to harvest new growth spruce tips for Pennsylvania Tuxedo, hand-picked from the forests outside their factory in central Pennsylvania – a family reunion of sorts.

The two companies are also releasing a special Dogfish Head x Woolrich camo hat. Priced at $25, the design of the collaboration hat was thoughtfully focused on two style trends that have been the cornerstone of the menswear industry for decades – camo and workwear. The selected colors and patterns have a uniquely modern look resulting in a rustic, abstract pattern that bridges the aesthetics. “Dogfish and Woolrich have been as thoughtful about the design of the hat as we have been with the design of the beer recipe: from the colors and branding, to the height of the hat and width of the pom-pom,” said Sam Calagione, founder and CEO of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. “While we might work in very different industries, our businesses both have an intense focus on quality craftsmanship and doing things by hand, all while celebrating Mother Nature in all her splendor.”

The idea behind the collaboration was inspired by a story from the mid-19th century when Michael Bond Rich, grandson of Woolrich founder, John Rich, had an unforgettable encounter with spruce beer. The incident occurred when his father was hosting a barn raising. The young M.B. Rich recalled, “On account of rain on the day set, the raising was postponed a couple of days and the spruce beer which was prepared had acquired a potency not intended. As it was accessible to me, I drank quite freely and, when later on I stooped over to get a drink from the spring, I fell in headfirst and was too much intoxicated to get out.” Luckily, M.B. Rich was saved by a woman who happened to be fetching water from the spring, and the young boy lived to tell the story that helped Dogfish Head create Pennsylvania Tuxedo.

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