Dinerware POS – A Perfect Fit for Your Brewery’s Service Environment

dinerware pos

Technology continues to become a more important player in any brewer’s success. Adding automation and technology to your brew system opens up time and resources elsewhere.  But, what if you also implemented technology in other areas of your business?

Rumpf Computer Solutions is a leader in the point-of-sale industry. Serving over 200 restaurants and over 25 breweries in a dozen states, Rumpf Computers continues to assist taprooms, restaurants and beyond in their technology endeavors.

“It usually starts with the point-of-sale,” said Eric Kurfess, the director of Sales at RCS. “So many times, we speak with and walk into breweries that are using an old school cash register, or a POS solution that just isn’t working for them. After a few moments looking at and playing with the Dinerware POS software their eyes pop and they say, ‘I wish I would have known about this sooner!’”

Rumpf Computer Solutions stands by its products and its ability to effectively manage and support its clients systems.

The Dinerware POS system is one of the easiest to use and manage systems on the market. By reducing the amount of time employees are in front of the POS increases time they are in front guests taking cash. Dinerware’s conversational ordering platform streamlines the order entry process creating a favorable user experience for servers, bartenders and managers.

Our clients speak for us.

“Dinerware is super easy to use and the software is scalable.  As we have grown, Dinerware has grown with us…” – Kenny McNutt, the owner of Madtree Brewing Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.

“In comparison to other legacy systems, Dinerware is out doing its competitors  From a back-of-house perspective the ease of use and remote access is saving us a ton of time and money.  From a front-of-house perspective I haven’t been able to turn tickets faster or easier with any other system I’ve used…”  – Daniel Jones, the Operating Partner at St. Joseph Brewery, Indianapolis.

It isn’t just the Dinerware solution that allows brewers to be so successful with the point-of-sale, it’s the relationship Rumpf Computers builds with its clients. RCS has a unique understanding of the restaurant industry and dives into every project head first.

Additionally, when you do business with Rumpf Computer Solutions, you get much more than just the POS. “We have the ability and know how to offer much more than just hardware and software,” said Kurfess. “We offer the whole gamut of technology that is needed to ensure your data is safe, your systems are secure and that the service environment is always pumping.”

Additionally, the folks at Rumpf Computer Solutions really, really … really … like craft beer.

Give us a call. Start a conversation. We are ready to work with you on your next technology project!

Dinerware POS powered by Rumpf Computer Solutions



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