DESTIHL Brewery Announces Expanded Distribution to Massachusetts

DESTIHL® Brewery officially announced today that it will expand distribution of its beers to Massachusetts for availability beginning December 11, 2017.
Earlier this year, DESTIHL opened a new 47,000sq.ft. production facility in Normal, Illinois. “Having this new facility is really opening the door for us to move into new and exciting markets like Massachusetts”, said Founder, CEO and Brewmaster, Matt Potts. “We look forward to this opportunity and see a bright future where DESTIHL beers are welcomed into the highly developed but exciting and innovative Massachusetts craft beer scene. To make this happen, we’ve teamed up with Night Shift Distributing, a team that, like us, has its roots firmly planted in its passion for brewing.”

Beers from the Wild SOUR Series and core offerings along with selections from DESTIHL’s Saint Dekkera® Reserve Barrel Aged Sour series will be hitting Massachusetts shelves and draft lines in the coming weeks and months. DESTIHL will be releasing its beers with a dual-tiered market launch/release, the first being the week of 12/11/2017. Beers primed for release include the following in both packaged and draft formats:

WiLD SOUR Series (12oz cans and draft) – Here Gose Nothin’®, SynchopathicTM, Flanders Red, SynchopathicTM Apricot

Core (12oz cans, 500ml bottles* and draft) – Vertex IPA®, Weissenheimer® Hefeweizen, MoonjumperTM Milk Stout, AmraTM Mango IPA, Normal PilsTM, Deadhead® Imperial Red IPA*

Saint Dekkera® Reserve Barrel Aged Sour (500ml bottles and draft) – Zure Dubbele Stout, Vuile Blonde

When asked about how DESTIHL’s unique offerings fit in this new market, Rob Burns of Night Shift responded, “Night Shift Distributing is thrilled to introduce MA beer fans to the unique and innovative portfolio of beers from DESTIHL. Massachusetts has a huge thirst for award winning, perfectly executed canned sour beers as well as clean hoppy beers. MA is thirsty for these beers!”.

Neil Reinhardt, DESTIHL’s Director of Sales, also noted, “Massachusetts is a great market for craft beer and we are super excited to have DESTIHL beers available to consumers. Our approach to new markets has been to choose the best partner and we couldn’t ask for a better one than Night Shift Distributing. Being a well-respected local brewer gives them a unique perspective along with insights that will be invaluable.”

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