Deschutes Partners with Sustainable Beverage Technologies for New Chapter in NA Releases

Deschutes Brewery brings non-alcoholic (NA) beer capabilities in-house through a new strategic partnership with Sustainable Beverage Technologies (SBT). Strengthening its commitment to the category, Deschutes is investing in SBT’s patented BrewVo® technology at the brewery’s production facility in Bend to produce and package non-alcoholic beverages at scale. As an independent craft brewery known for helping pioneer the U.S. craft beer movement since 1988, Deschutes continues to lead and innovate with its award-winning non-alcoholic beer. This partnership reflects the brewery’s dedication to expanding its NA beer portfolio and taking share in this rapidly growing category.

“As consumer attitudes toward alcohol consumption evolve, we’re expanding our capabilities to scale this highest-quality non-alcoholic beer that rivals the flavor and aroma experience of a full-strength craft beer across the U.S. and beyond,” said Peter Skrbek, CEO of Deschutes Brewery. “Bringing non-alcoholic production in-house opens the door to expansion in a top growing sub-category of craft.”

After evaluating multiple technologies for dealcoholization Deschutes Brewery is confident the BrewVo® technology is superior to other methods at delivering the highest quality and best tasting non-alcoholic product. Deschutes Brewery originally partnered with SBT for the release of a non-alcoholic Stout, Irish Dark in 2020 and by early 2022 launched the groundbreaking alcohol-free version of the brewery’s porter, Black Butte Non-Alcoholic which utilizes all the same specialty malts and hops as the original for a full-flavor experience consumers expect from the number-one-selling craft porter in the U.S. 

“SBT has been an extraordinary partner. We weren’t prepared for the level of consumer excitement for the Black Butte Non-Alcoholic launch which quickly became the highest-velocity product in our portfolio. Bringing the production capability in-house is a game changer.”

Since its launch, Black Butte Non-Alcoholic has become a gold medal-winning brand, receiving awards in NA categories of every competition entered including the World Beer Cup and Best of Craft Beer Awards.

“The team at SBT is very excited to be partnering with a world-class craft brewer in Deschutes – a true pioneer in innovation,” said SBT CEO Gary Tickle. “We share a deep passion for quality and with BrewVo technology, we will drive growth and category expansion with exceptional NA beers.”

Deschutes Brewery expects to be producing non-alcoholic beer onsite by the end of the year and in the meantime developing exciting new non-alcoholic beers for consumers.

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