Day Pass from Walnut River to Showcase Big Flavor, Lower ABV

Walnut River Brewing Company is excited to announce its April release: Day Pass.

If you’re looking for low ABV and big taste, hop out of line and grab a Day Pass. Notes of citrus, tropical fruits, green pepper and pine take you on a roller coaster of flavor. Malt sweetness and a crisp, dry finish leave you wanting more.

“I love to tell people that Day Pass is the perfect lawn mowing beer,” says BJ Hunt, Director of Business Operations and Co-owner. “It’s crisp and tasty, but low enough ABV so that you can keep the line straight!”

“You don’t have to always go with a high alcohol content in order to get big flavors,” says Rick Goehring, Head Brewer and co-owner. “I think Day Pass is a great reflection of that. The addition of the right mix of green pepper and pine flavors give it just enough zing to make it interesting, but not overpowering.”

“I think one of the great things that Day Pass does is make craft beer accessible,” says Ben Wheeler, Director of Marketing at Walnut River Brewing Company. “There’s this stigma out there that craft beer is all super hoppy with really high ABVs. Day Pass is a great example proving that stigma false. We call it an Easy IPA for a reason.”

“Day Pass is fun because it’s really easy going,” says Travis Rohrberg, Director of Quality Control and Distribution and co-owner. “We wanted a great summer beer for getting out and having fun while not overdoing it. It’s low in alcohol but backed up with fun tropical notes and a touch of fresh green pepper from Azacca and Ekuanot hops. It’s ok to have more than one and that’s exactly what we were after.”

“We really got the can art right on this one,” says Jay Sanderson, Director of Sales. “I don’t know how many people I’ve seen pick up a Day Pass because they like the way the can looks, give it a try and love it! And then they find out it’s an IPA and they generally say, ‘I don’t normally like IPAs, but I like this one!’”

Want to give it a try? Stop by the Walnut River Brewing Taproom at 111 W. Locust in El Dorado or PourHouse ICT in Wichita. Both places will have it on tap and in the beer cooler to go. Day Pass will also be available state-wide wherever Walnut River Brewing is sold. Skip the line, grab a Day Pass!

Day Pass

  • Style: Easy IPA
  • ABV: 4.1%
  • IBU: 40

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