Damn Ye! Combines Unique Flavors with a Refreshing Twist while Defiance Brings an Old Tradition to Neshaminy Creek

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company is bringing back a taproom favorite. Damn Ye! is a 5.5% ABV double Dry-Hopped West Coast-Style Imperial IPA brewed with ​​2-Row and Light Crystal malt. Damn Ye! harnesses the power of Apollo, Citra, and Sabro hops resulting in a complex character brimming with tangerine, coconut, tropical, and stone fruit flavors with wisps of cedar and mint. Clean and bright, Damn Ye! is a beacon of light in the hazy fog.

The second brew making its way back to the taproom is Defiance. German-style Kellerbier is a relatively rare sight stateside but has a history dating back to the Middle Ages in Bavaria. Brewers would lager their beers in caves where the temperatures were consistently cool; ideal for their slower fermentation. Kellerbier translates to “cellar beer” and while they don’t chisel out their own Lagering caves in Croydon, they did the best they could to stick to tradition. The result is a 5.5% gently hopped golden brew with the aroma of freshly baked bread and notes of honey and toasted nuts.  

These two brews are now available in cans and on draft.

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