Craftpeak Webinar: Moving Beyond the Transaction

Craftpeak, a craft beverage technology company, has partnered with Arryved to tackle some of the big questions surrounding changes in craft brewing consumer audiences this year. They will be presenting their best practices and findings in their upcoming webinar, Moving Beyond The Transaction, on Thursday, 11/12/2020 at 2 PM EST.

The key takeaways for attendees include:

  • How to manage the “new” guest experiences created by this epidemic.
  • How to leverage technology to support new sales channels and provide better insights.
  • Resources and information to help guide business decisions.

After releasing the State of the Craft Brewing Industry Survey with partner,Arryved, in September 2020, Craftpeak found that three distinct audiences were emerging in the face of reopening taprooms:

  • Audience 1: These are the truly dedicated consumers who are likely extremely loyal to your taproom and are ready for things to go back to normal in the taproom.
  • Audience 2: These consumers are slightly more timid, but ready to test the waters in the taproom. They may feel uncomfortable if safety guidelines are not clearly stated and enforced.
  • Audience 3: These consumers are not not ready to venture out, but still want a taste of the outside world. They likely want to order online and either have their order shipped to them or do curbside pickup.

Breweries will need to understand how to reach each of these new audiences at their varying comfort levels in order to maximize their reach. Craftpeak and Arryved have partnered to provide breweries with the tools and information they need to reach each audience at their appropriate comfort level.

“Breweries are facing new hurdles trying to meet the individual preference of these audiences.” John Kelley, Co-founder and CEO of Craftpeak stated, “Breweries are learning to connect with customers in new and different ways while making sure that everyone is feeling safe, heard, and happy. We want to help them by providing the tools and information necessary to engage each audience in a way that they are most comfortable. The brands that are doing this effectively are gaining market share and diversifying their risk posed by future COVID uncertainty.”

This webinar is part of a larger educational webinar series Craftpeak is brewing up to provide the craft beverage industry with the tools and education they need to prepare for the future. The Moving Beyond the Transaction Webinar will take place on Thursday, November 12th at 2 PM EST.

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