Columbia Machine Introduces New Floor Level Palletizer

Columbia Machine introduces the NEW FLD2500 Floor Level infeed conventional palletizer.   This new model is the next step in the evolution of a new family of Floor Level infeed palletizers from Columbia Machine. The FLD palletizers are all capable of being equipped with a fully integrated stretch wrapper that allows for concurrent “stack and wrap” load building at much higher rates than previously achievable.

The FLD2500 utilizes a dual hoist concept and an electric overhead Row Pusher.  The dual hoist format, when combined with a roller style Layer Stripper Apron, allows the footprint to be reduced significantly (40%!) over Floor Level palletizers with similar throughput capacity.

The movement and positioning of each hoist is numerically controlled using servo technology.  This allows for faster and more accurate machine movements leading to greater throughput and easier set up and programmability.

The FLD2500 is capable of palletizing virtually any package type including unwrapped trays, film only bundles, plastic totes, RPCs and many others too. 

Options include fully integrated stretch wrapping, Smart Diagnostics with video playback to assist maintenance personnel in identifying the cause of a machine stoppage and a servo actuated touchless turning infeed for gentle package handling, display ready case orienting or 4 way “labels out” layer forming (and several more options).

Columbia is renowned for the industry-leading safety and guarding system that provides “next level protection”. On the FLD2500, this standard package includes Category 3, Performance Level D safety components and incorporates fully integrated guarding, full height light curtains, automatic hoist pins, case infeed tunnel and interlocked load building area access doors. This safety package keeps your employees safe while still being operationally “friendly” and meeting production demands by providing convenient and safe access when needed.

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