Colorado Craft Experts Ska and Peach Street Launch Ska Street, Boulder’s First Brewstillery

The Legion of Ska continues to grow with Ska Street, Boulder’s first “brewstillery” concept. This joint venture by Ska Brewing and Peach Street Distillers is slated to open in the former FATE Brewing space in spring of 2020.

Peach Street Distillers was hatched in 2005 when Ska Brewing’s two co-founders Bill Graham and Dave Thibodeau found the allure of Palisade’s locally grown fruit too much to pass by. Since Peach Street’s opening, the two companies have worked side by side— with a shared sales team, and collaborations such as Modus Whiskey, and the Boomerang Barrel Program.

Backing up even further, Ska Brewing was born on Colorado’s Front Range out of the minds of Graham and Thibodeau, with the influence of Boulder’s burgeoning beer community. This area is where they grew up and learned to homebrew, where Graham attended the University of Colorado, and where many of Ska and Peach Street’s staff got their start in the brewing industry.

After 15 years of partnerships, Ska and Peach Street will finally set up shop under the same roof in spring of 2020. “A number of serendipitous factors have come together to make Boulder the answer to what we’ve been trying to do for a decade,” says Thibodeau. “when the opportunity presented itself, we jumped at this chance to call Boulder home.”

Steve Breezley, Ska’s Chief Operating Officer who formerly worked at Avery Brewing, says, “So many of us at Ska feel attached to the Boulder community— it’s active like our home in Durango, and it’s an epicenter for craft beer.”

Ska Street will integrate Ska and Peach Street’s businesses, with onsite brewing of Ska beers in a 10 barrel brewhouse and distillation of Peach Street spirits in a 450 liter still. The Brewstillery will offer 30 Ska beers on tap and a mixology program that replicates the Palisade distillery experience. Ska Street’s food menu will bring together components of each business, with music-inspired, Caribbean-influenced eats to mirror the food served at Ska’s World Headquarters in Durango, and the thoughtfully sourced farm-to-table approach that guests have come to love at Peach Street.

Ska’s experimental brewery, the Mod Project, has afforded the brewery and many of its retailers the opportunity to do some unique projects together in Durango, and at Ska Street in Boulder they plan to build upon this platform with their spirits, as well as well as their beers.

“We’re excited to get back to the Front Range, and to get more involved in Boulder,” Thibodeau says. “Beyond the new location, this is a great opportunity to pursue collaborations with accounts in the area that have been selling our beer for years.”

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