ClearCove Announces ClearCapture

ClearCove announced the introduction of its ClearCapture line of wastewater treatment products specifically designed for food and beverage processors.  The launch to the brewing industry was made today at the Master Brewers of America Association’s annual conference in Jacksonville, FL.  The ClearCapture line allows breweries to significantly reduce municipal sewer surcharges, enhance rural treatment, create a renewable energy opportunity and provide recycled water for re-use.

The ClearCapture product line features three levels of treatment that can reduce BOD levels up to 98% and TSS levels up to 100% using the company’s patented physical-chemical wastewater process.   The ClearCapture system employs a compact, efficient design that eliminates the need for blowers, mixers, DAF, ballasting, skimmers or biology to reduce organic content in a brewery’s effluent.

“The cost savings from reducing municipal surcharges alone is a tremendous benefit to breweries of all sizes”, said Gary Miller, President and COO of ClearCove. “We’ve developed a simple yet effective line of products that reduces cost, lowers the energy consumption to process wastewater and is easy to operate so brewers can focus on brewing beer not spend time resolving wastewater issues”.

ClearCapture has been successfully proven at many small and large breweries, with sales to breweries across the country.

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