Citra-Pils Keller Bier Only Second Year-Round Release for Switchback

Switchback Brewing Company is excited to announce the year-round release of Citra-Pils Keller Bier. In the brewery’s 14 year history, Citra-Pils is only the second beer to be produced, bottled, and distributed year-round. The brewery was founded in 2002 around the idea of creating a unique and distinct flavor with the company’s flagship brew, Switchback Ale. The practice of defying style guidelines continues with a long-aged unfiltered lager.

“Citra-Pils hits all of our favorite points,” says Brewmaster Bill Cherry. “We wanted to add depth to the beer market. Citra-Pils adds new dimensions and flavor profiles in the underrepresented category of craft lager beers.”

Citra-Pils was created on a whim in 2014 while maintaining the lager yeast used in the brewery’s Märzen Fest Bier. The lager is brewed in the most traditional way, using only light pils malt and Saaz hops. After a six-week lagering process, the beer is then dry-hopped with a blend that includes Citra hops along with Saaz. The brewers worked with Paul Mueller Company to design a custom hop-handling device, enabling the beer to be dry-hopped without sacrificing Switchback’s signature 100% natural carbonation.

The result is a delightfully refreshing pilsener with a decidedly nontraditional twist. The bright lemony citrus notes of the Citra complement the noble Saaz character perfectly. Like all Switchback beers, Citra-Pils is left unfiltered for the fullest flavor possible.

Cherry reflected on the beer’s taste, “The crispness and clean flavors of a lager combined with a tasteful addition of the Citra hop, normally used in IPAs, creates an unusual and fun combination of flavors.”

Citra-Pils Keller Bier will be distributed in a five-state footprint, available on draught as well as in 12oz stubby bottles and 22oz bottles, year-round starting in 2017, with new packaging different than that of Switchback’s Rotating Specials.

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