Citizen Cider Launches Citizen Seltzer

Citizen Cider, founded in 2010 on a hunch and some good old-fashioned hard work, has quickly become a leading player in the craft cider arena. Citizen Cider strives to look at the bigger picture and focuses on being involved in every aspect of their supply chain, sourcing all fruit directly from local farmers and pressing the juice to create a true craft cider. Never from concentrate.

Being the creators that we area, we decided to do a survey of the ever-popular Seltzer category to see what was happening in the industry. We discovered pretty quickly that there is no middle to the category, no seltzer brands offering high quality products made with real ingredients. We challenged our team to create a better product made from real fruit, with no added sugars that holds true to the ethos of Citizen Cider.

Starting this summer, we are happy to introduce, Citizen Seltzers. Three styles; Apple All Day, Ginger Love and Lemon Spritz hit shelves in Vermont already and rolling out to the rest of our states now, a mixed pack to follow in early July. These seltzers are made using only local ingredients here in Vermont. Coming in at 100 calories, 2g carbs and 1g sugar, these craft hard seltzers are a different spin on the current offerings, dry and refreshing.

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