Ciderboys Rolls Out ‘Grape Stomp’ Flavor for Fall

Ciderboys Hard Cider rolls out the barrel for Grape Stomp. Their latest limited-release flavor will be available starting in October. This moderately-sweet fall treat perfectly balances the flavor of concord grapes with tart hard apple cider.   The reason behind limited “one-off releases,” explains Ciderboys Marketing Director Julie Birrenkott, “is that it keeps everyone in the Ciderboys family excited – from our cidermakers to our wholesalers, retailers, and, especially, our customers. There’s nothing better than the anticipation of a new ‘Fruitful Pairing’ to remind everyone why Ciderboys is so special.”
The Ciderboys team believes concord grape is their next great pairing. Birrenkott divulges, “We listen to our customers and listen to our team when it comes to new flavors. Then, our cidermakers develop the recipes and we taste-test them. We make sure to find the one that makes our entire staff go crazy. Because if we can’t wait to buy it, then we know our customers will be just as excited.”   When it comes to those unique grape qualities that complement hard apple cider, Ciderboys head cidermaker Mike Schraufnagel points out, “The concord grape flavor in Grape Stomp brings out a hint of red wine characteristics. From the aroma to the finish, it is a perfect drink for fall.” 

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