Ciderboys Makes Fall Push with ‘Apricot Crush’

Ciderboys Hard Cider Company follows the success of its most recent  limited release, Pom ‘n Cherry, with a new fall-winter limited release.

Ciderboys Apricot Crush pays tribute to the autumn-friendly stonefruit. It boasts a sublime, peach-y aroma, followed by a slightly tart, rich finish that beckons for bonfires and tailgates.

“The sweet, yet snappy flavor from apricots adds a fun and interesting twist to Ciderboys,” explains Head Cidermaker Mike Schraufnagel. “This succulent combination offers sweet apple flavor up-front and finishes with intriguing notes of tart apricot. It’s an enjoyable and delicious addition to our cider family.”

Ciderboys continues their adventurous journey into limited and highly-sought-after special releases, “We continue to enjoy the enthusiasm from our Ciderboys customers as they discover new flavors like Apricot Crush,” Ciderboys Marketing Director Julie Birrenkott explains. “Their excitement inspires us to remain innovative and bring something new to the Hard Cider Category.”

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