Ciderboys Goes Tropical with New Limited Summer Release ‘Tropical Wave’

Ciderboys Hard Cider company is shipping initial batches of its latest limited release hard cider. Ciderboys Tropical Wave continues the brand’s innovation into “Fruitful Pairings” with a seasonal focus.  
“By Fruitful Pairings,” explains Director of Marketing Julie Birrenkott, “we mean a fruit juice flavor that complements and enhances the tart sweetness of our hard cider, not masks that apple goodness. The combination of these tropical flavors really pushes the apple over the top.”
Available for a limited time, Ciderboys Tropical Wave leans into cravings for quenchable and refreshing flavors during warm months. According to Birrenkott, “When we develop new flavors, we need to be inspired first and foremost, and the combination of passion fruit, orange, and guava really swept us away.”  
Sometimes referred to as ‘POG,’ Head Cider Maker Mike Schraufnagel describes, “This tropical trio weaves in the tanginess of passion fruit, the sweet tartness of orange, and the floral fruitiness of guava. On a beautiful summer day or a relaxing evening, you really couldn’t ask for a better way to top off a crisp apple hard cider.”

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