Cider Corner: Tips to Help Boost Media Coverage

​Is any or all media coverage good coverage? Perhaps not.

“As long as the coverage doesn’t have our name in headlines with the word poisonous, of course, we’re welcome to it,” joked Original 13 Ciderworks‘s Petra Manchina.

Being able to craft a story and push it to local, regional, and even national press outlets can be key in generating a new level of interest in your cider’s brand along with the cidery itself. Being able to show your facility as a community leader or expert in the beverage manufacturing industry are two ways to think when it comes to connecting to the media.

​Jerry Thornton, the owner, and Cidermaker for Bryant’s Cider said they generally ​make connections with the local media with press releases whenever ​the Virginia cidery has something ​that he deems ​worthwhile that could get picked up.

​”​We target different types of media differently whether it’s a new release, ​versus expansion, ​versus an award or collaboration​,” he explained​.

Here are a few tips to craft a better message.

Have a point person

The go-to contact person for Original 13 is Manchina, the cidery’s Assistant GM and Events Coordinator.

“From our owner, our master cider maker, and our FOH managing team are all equally represented as the face(s) of the company,” Manchina said.

Know where to send it

It really depends on the activity and market, Thornton said.

“Growth and expansion usually does well along with material changes for major papers or TV,” he said. “Awards, events, and new releases we try and get coverage but usually from a more local magazine or publication.”

Have things ready

A press packet or a FAQ page on your website is a great start. It can explain the types of apples you use, staff bios, stock photos for use and even previous coverage can help share your story.

“I think it’s smart to have a press area with stock images, details, and quotes,” Thornton said. “Frequently details can get lost in the interviews and end up misstated in publications. Also, high res images that are easy to grab eliminate the risk of a bad image being grabbed from the website or social media.”

Sir Charles Hard Cider photo courtesy Original 13 Ciderworks

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