Cider Corner: Taproom Tips and Adjustments to Boost Sales

​Adjusting to new rules for how many people can be in a space can affect projected sales figures and cideries have had to find inventive ways to bring in consumers or safely make sales.​

Since indoor dining rules changed​ so often during the summer​, Pennings Farm Cidery‘s tasting room wasn’t exactly necessary, ​so the New York facility ​turned ​the space into ​a bottle ​shop.

​The downside there was that the cidery was not necessarily focused on package sales before the pandemic, so a switch to canned ciders became very apparent quickly into the first wave of the pandemic shutdowns in the spring. ​

​”Due to the fact that we were shut down and therefore seeing a lot fewer customers, we were able to prioritize canning our ciders,” said Sales & Compliance Manager, Annie Stubeck. “Canning became a larger part of our business and has remained significant even after re-opening.​”

​Stubeck said the tasting room has ​proved​​ to be a great use of the space and allowed customers to browse and see all of ​Pennings’ products on display in one place.

​”​Canning has been great for customers because it allows them to have more options than just a growler to go home with​,” she said.

​Not only has canning been a positive addition for ​Pennings with ​on-site purchases, Stubeck noted that with extra volume Pennings could open up a new wave of capital infusion to the business in the form of distributing and selling ciders at local businesses.​

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