Cider Corner: How Pennings is Maximizing Its Brand by the Hour

​Finding the right mix of hours and staff can help in achieving the best margin of sales in your cidery’s taproom.

Pennings Farm Cidery is open more days of the week than ever before, even with the pandemic striking the country. Since all of the Warwick, New York cidery’s seating is outdoors right now, the cidery’s management wanted to maximize the number of nice days it could be open, so it is now open Wednesday through Sunday.

“At first we didn’t have quite enough staff, but everyone at the cidery stepped up big time and worked extra hours to make it work,” they said. Over a couple weeks Pennings was able to hire a few new employees to take the pressure off, and they say it has been running smoothly since.

No specific laws have forced ​Pennings to adjust the ​cidery’s hours or music​ direction​, but ​the management pointed out to Brewer that they always try to remain courteous to neighboring businesses and residences when making decisions.

​”​For example, one of our neighbors is the Warwick Drive-In, so when they are open we always try to schedule music to finish early in the evening​.

“We would hate to interrupt their movies​.”​

​And when the cidery isn’t open, one of ​the facility’s best methods of promotion has been ​social ​media.

​”We always try to tag other businesses’ social media pages to help get the word out on where to purchase our product​,” they said.

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