Cider Corner: New Avenues to Explore for Boosting Sales

Summer is in full swing and developing ideas for even next summer should be on your mind for creating new avenues of boosting your cidery’s sales.

Perhaps the pandemic slowed down your process of creating new sales opportunities but knowing the cider consumers are still clamoring for a cider product in many venues that right now don’t carry your product can be important for growth in the future.

Bryant’s Cider owner Jerry Thornton said that he relies on everyone on staff to help create these new avenues.

“So far these ideas have been primarily presented by the staff and places they visit,” he told Brewer recently. One idea that the cidery has looked into is working with axe throwing facilities to get cider into that on-premise location.

“The demo we target generally prefers to visit some venues or activities over others,” he added. “We try to target venues that fit our demographic.”

Philadelphia’s Original 13 Ciderworks is exploring places like nail salons to get placement.

“I love getting my nails done and the pre-COVID I loved having a glass of wine while I was getting a mani/pedi,” said assistant GM Petra Manchina. “I’d love to have a cider in the salon.”

Manchina pointed out that it’s always important to reach a wider and new consumer base.

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”Increased exposure will lead to increased sales and therefore an increase in profits, which will lead to my boss thinking I’m doing my job correctly,” she joked.

2 Towns Ciderhouse has done samplings at Farmers’ Markets, home improvement shows, comic cons, and such.

“Beyond that, we also look for opportunities for folks to enjoy our cider wherever they are already having fun and enjoying themselves; marathons, festivals, local sports,” said​ Marketing Director Scott Bugni​. “Wherever we can enhance and participate in that enjoyment with them, we see it as a great opportunity to create a meaningful connection with the brand that they hopefully remember, maybe even when making their next purchase decision.”

Swilled Dog ​recently shared that it is getting some play and consideration in theme parks and stadiums said the cidery’s Kim Kirk.

“These options can expose our brand to a large crowd in a short amount of time,” she said. “Big events are also great opportunities for fans to share their experiences with your brand on social media, which expands our visibility and reach.”

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