Cicerone to Celebrate Beer-Clean Glass Day

Cicerone is set to celebrate exemplary beer service on the fourth Saturday of April by raising a pint of your favorite beer—in a properly cleaned glass, that is! Led by the Cicerone® Certification Program, Beer-Clean Glass Day raises awareness about appropriate service standards and lets you thank those bars, restaurants, and breweries who maintain them by visiting them or enjoying your favorite beer at home.

To participate, tag #BeerCleanGlass in photos of beautifully poured beer across social media on the fourth Saturday of April—this year, it’s April 22. Cicerone will be sharing and retweeting its favorite photos throughout the day.

Why celebrate clean glassware? Because a beer-clean glass leads to beautifully presented beer. When a beer looks good, you begin to enjoy it even before the first sip. Glasses that aren’t beer-clean result in beer that looks flat, lifeless, and unappetizing.

Each year leading up to #BeerCleanGlass Day, Cicerone will share articles about proper pouring, cleaning, and infographics to educate drinkers about what to look for in beer-clean glass.

How to Get Involved

To participate, download one of the official Beer Clean Glass Day frame below, add it to photos of beautifully-poured beer using photo editing software, then tag #BeerCleanGlass across social media on April 22. The program will be sharing and retweeting its favorite photos throughout the week.

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