Chuckanut’s Helles Lager is Here

It’s been a long wait but Chuckanut’s Helles Lager is finally available. Due to the Corona Virus production of Chuckanut Brewery’s award winning Helles Lager was put on the back burner until now. Helles Lager is normally available mid summer but this year it’s late summer. And it’s now available on tap and in bottles! Helles is the favorite beer of many craft beer lovers for it’s naked beauty, real bier flavors, super drinkable and beautiful to look at attributes. This is the Munich style beer that’s served year-round in liter mugs because you just can’t get enough of it! A beautiful, sparkling yellow gold lager with fresh biscuit aromas, and just enough Nobel hops added for a sublime balance.

Chuckanut Helles Lager has a well-developed bready flavor that rewards the drinker with a subtle, elegant maltiness and restrained bitterness. Brewed with a gentle, sure touch, Helles Lager is the “go to” beer all day long. Excellent with any seafood, salad or lighter meat dishes for pure perfection. Chuckanut Brewery’s Helles Lager holds 2 Gold Medals (2011 & 2016) and 1 Silver Medal (2018) from the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) as well as 3 medals (1 Gold and 2 Silver) from North American Beer Awards. This is the real thing, the beer that truly satisfies!

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