Chuckanut Renames New World to Bavarian IPA (BIPA)

Once Chuckanut Brewery heard about the growing trend in the German craft brewing scene to use the name Bavarian IPA (BIPA) there was a realization that Chuckanut New World Hop Ale was just that.

Using new world hops and malts from the Bavaria region in Germany Chuckanut’s New World has been renamed as Chuckanut Bavarian IPA (or BIPA for short).

The new German varietals, Calista and Ariana, hops are blended with Weyermann Pilsner & Barke Munich Malts to create an easy drinking, aromatic IPA style of ale. Most traditional IPA styles were started in England and the USA but this new style comes out of Germany.

Bavarian IPA is a more subtle IPA than other IPAs due to the use of German hops and the terroir that it imparts on the IPA style.

The bitterness level is slight but the hops impart a citrusy flavor and aroma. BIPA is great with slow roasted pork, bratwurst, veal or a fresh salad! Blonde in color, with a sessionable 5.1% ABV, Bavarian IPA is a great any time of day beer. Find it now at both Chuckanut locations and selected accounts in the NW on tap or in cans.

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