Chuckanut Releases Rhinebier Creation

Chuckanut Brewery first created Rhinebier two years ago but has not released it since until now.

Chuckanut Rhinebier is a new take on a classic Kolsch style, a beer common in Cologne, Germany along the Rhine River. Chuckanut’s Rhinebier is where old school Kolsch meet new school flair. Traditional Mittlefruh hops interplay with Saaz hops giving a pronounced fresh cut grass character up front giving way to the classic Kolsch malt character in the finish. The malt bill is all Pilsner and Vienna plus a heaping amount of Spelt malt for notes of graininess, depth and refreshing finish that keeps this beer crispy and clean!

Chuckanut’s Rhinebier is terrific with pasta, light sauces, poultry dishes and salads. It’s also a great lawn-mower beer that is easy on the pallet and thirst quenching. Rhinebier is a little different from a traditional Kolsch but just as refreshing with a bit more body and sweetness!

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