Chuckanut Releases New World Ale in Bottles

Now that Chuckanut Brewery has started bottling on a regular basis more styles of its well known, and not so well-known beers will become available. The New World Ale is now in markets and specialty beer stores from Portland, OR to Seattle area to the NW Puget Sound and lower British Columbia! New World uses new varietal German hops to give aromas of white grapes and berries creating an easy drinking golden ale with hints of malt and fruit.

New World Ale is what some people might call a German Pale Ale because it is a moderate strength Pale Ale made unique with the new varietal German hops Ariana and Calista. This new age ale has just the right amount of bitterness not to over-power the senses but to end your taste buds on a slightly bitter note. Great paired with salads with a strong dressing and spicy foods too, try it with a big plate of nachos! Bottled in convenient European style half-liter bottles.

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