Chuckanut Releases Bottles of Maibock

Maibock, the spring/summer big bier from Chuckanut Brewery, is now available around the greater Northwest. Maibock is a Bock style Lager with a higher ABV than most lager beers but it is lighter in color than the usual bocks which are dark. Moderate bitterness balances out a slightly sweet, full-bodied palate packed with rich, ripe fruit aromas due to the lengthy lagering period of over three months. Plenty of malt and high alcohol strength with a clean finish and a deep golden color makes this lager dangerously smooth.

Chuckanut Brewery’s Maibock has won numerous awards including a Silver Medal from North American Beer Awards 2019 and Gold medals from WA Beer Awards in 2016 and 2019. Chuckanut Maibock was the gold medal winner of the Golden Goat Award at Varietal Brewing Goat Fest in Yakima 2019. Because the festival was cancelled this year due to Covid, Chuckanut Maibock remains the award winner of the Golden Goat today. Maibock is delicious with traditional German fare like bratwurst, roast pork and roast chicken. It makes a great dessert beer as well or it’s terrific just by itself. Enjoy a glass of strong, rich, full-bodeid Maibock and toast to all things new again!

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