Chew It, Boil It, Brew It! Dogfish Head Brings Back Chicha

Spit happens – and when it does, you brew Chicha. An ancient Peruvian beer brewed with corn that’s chewed up and spit out, Chicha is one of the most talked about brewing creations from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. First brewed in 2009, this new batch of Chicha was brewed with corn chewing contributions from over 100+ Dogfish Head coworkers who banded together to prepare the beer’s main ingredient for brew day – chewed purple maize (corn). To welcome the return of this historical beer and to celebrate the off-centered collaboration that brought it to life, Dogfish is releasing (200) 750ml bottles in the Tasting Room at the Milton brewery, as well as on tap, on March 10 at 11am.

So what exactly is Chicha? In Peru, small communities produce it from masticated maize, naturally fermented in large clay pots and often flavored with indigenous fruit and spices. Dogfish Head reproduced the ancient beer by creating Chicha from coworker-masticated purple Peruvian corn, malted corn and malted barley. The wort is then boiled for full sterilization, chilled and blended with strawberries. Fermented with a unique blend of yeast strains, Chicha clocks in at 3.1% ABV with fruity, spicy aromas and a dry finish.

At the ‘Hootenanny’, the annual Dogfish celebration party hosted by Sam and Mariah Calagione, cofounders of Dogfish Head, hundreds of coworkers gathered together to toast their accomplishments from the previous year and cheers as they head into the next. In the ultimate spirit of teamwork, each attendee was given a cup of purple corn to chew up and spit out to contribute to the brewing ingredients needed for Chicha.

“Chicha is one of the most unique beers we brew at Dogfish and each batch has its own special story,” said Sam Calagione, CEO and founder of Dogfish Head. “I’m especially excited about this year’s Chicha as I stood shoulder-to-shoulder with my coworkers chewing purple corn and spitting it into cups to create the most physically-collaborative batch of beer we’ve ever brewed.” Available while supplies last, bottles are priced at $18 and will be sold on a first come, first served basis – limited to two bottles per person. Chicha’s a beer that should be enjoyed fresh, so each bottle will include a ‘drink by’ date for reference.

Want to make a night of it? Book an overnight stay at the Dogfish INN on Thursday, March 8, guaranteeing you two bottles of Chicha (for purchase) at the Milton brewery on March 9. Reserve your INN package online using the code ‘CHICHA!” in the special request section or by calling the INN and mentioning the promotion during booking.

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