Castle Island Ride n’ Glide Hits Streets

Castle Island Brewing Company debuted Ride n’ Glide, the latest beer in its rotating series this week. A rye pale ale, Ride n’ Glide features Citra and Cascade hops, and has a spicy finish due to the large amounts of malted rye in the recipe.

In a time of year typically dominated by pumpkin beers, Castle Island is leaning into the season with this full strength pale ale, banking on stronger malt flavors and complimentary hops rather than loading up the beer with seasonings and additives.

“Pumpkin beer has never really been our thing,” said Head Brewer, Matt DeLuca. “We have featured rye in a few of our past recipes and have always loved the complex spice it provides, so we figured we would give it a platform in this new release.”

Castle Island’s Ride n’ Glide Rye Pale ale started shipping to stores this week.

Registering at 6.9% alcohol by volume, Ride n’ Glide lands slightly above the normal alcohol range for the style.

“We wanted something that would provide a little extra warmth as we head into colder months,” DeLuca added.

The beer’s name and label design are no accident either. Named after a lyric in a Beastie Boys song, Ride n’ Glide pays homage to one of the brewery’s favorite artists.

“There’s almost always a Beastie Boys song playing in the brewery,” noted company founder, Adam Romanow. “A lot of us grew up idolizing the group and their approach to art, so we wanted to pay tribute the best way we know how – through beer.”

Ride n’ Glide is named after a lyric in a Beastie Boys song, a favorite around the brewery.

Ride n Glide began shipping to stores and bars throughout Eastern and Central MA this week. Four-packs of 16oz cans of the beer carry a suggested retail price of $10.99. A limited amount of the beer is also available at the brewery’s Norwood taproom.

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