Cascade Announces Boysenberry Sour

Cascade Brewing has announced the release of their Boysenberry sour ale on Friday August 6th. Boysenberry features a blend of sour blond and triple ales aged in oak wine barrels for up to two years with additions of fresh, Oregon-grown boysenberries and blackberries, offering intense flavors of fresh bramble fruit with hints of black currant, pomegranate, and mint. 

Oregon is the United States’ largest producer of boysenberries, and while the parentage of this little mystery fruit is still unknown, it is believed to be a cross between a blackberry, raspberry, and loganberry. Boysenberry will be available in draft kegs and 250 ml cans. These cans are meant to be consumed fresh, not aged.

Boysenberry will be available locally at the Cascade Brewing Barrel House at 939 SE Belmont Street, and online at for local pickup only. It will be made available through the brewery’s distribution network beginning August 9.

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